In my oeuvre, I explore interrelations. Nothing ever happens by itself. There is always something between two objects, no matter how small or large they are. People call this something “attraction”, “indifference”, “opposition”, “love” or “hate”.

However, this is nothing but interpretation. People’s world, the world that we observe, perceive and conceive, is the world of relationships. In my works, I strive to capture the fine thread that knits together all things, to follow its trace, which is twisty, tangled, but never ending. Either during life, or after it.

The central character of my works is Moreau. The world soul, the part that is present in every organism, every cell and every atom. The force that fills the world with the breath of life and is its linchpin.

I want the onlookers to take the silence with them after watching the work.

The silence that is the beginning and the end of everything that was and that will be.

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