«To yourself. Gently» is a series of works on the confrontation of a man and society.

We live in a social environment. We are part of a complex world and feel its pressure. We need this pressure as the force of gravity. However, a man tends to increase it following someone else’s «must».

We must be successful.

We must be slim.

We must be young.

These «musts» as stones fall into the river of life. If a person is strong, the waters of the river of life will find a way or destroy an obstacle. Nevertheless, there are times when each of us may be weak, vulnerable, and defenseless. Then the stones fallen can block the path of our development or divert us off the original route forever.

The human soul strives for self-expression, but cannot find strength to overcome the obstacle.

In the series of paintings, I say that you need to calculate your strengths, listen to your inner voice and appreciate simple pleasures of life.

My purpose is to motivate a person to get out of the daily race.

To stay. To listen.

The touch, 70х70 cm

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We all sometimes want something more. More than simple pleasures of life. More than the achievements recognized by others. Some people call it the path to God, others - the search for destiny.

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